How to merge Facebook pages and turn profiles into pages

Get all of your audience in one place!

I know you know it’s getting harder and harder to reach the audience you’ve built on Facebook, but what if you don’t even have an audience? This is the case when you launch a page for a new product and have to start from scratch with all of your old contacts and fans lost to you. 

Well fear not! 

It’s now possible to merge Facebook pages so you can consolidate all of your fans in one place. 

I’m not sure what effect this will have on your Edgerank score and your ability to reach all of your fans, but if that’s a concern, I have written about a neat trick to get all your Facebook posts seen for free.

Merge two different Facebook pages

These techniques work for pages with different names, but you can make the process smoother by making sure both pages have the same business address and a similar description.

Facebook claims you can only merge a page with less likes into a page with more, but don’t panic because this isn’t true.

One quick word of warning: As with all fundamental changes on Facebook, page merges cannot be undone.

The technique -

  1. Make sure you are logged-in to Facebook as yourself, not your page.
  2. Open this web page in a new tab.
  3.  Select from the dropdown the page you want to keep, and then the page(s) you want to merge into it. Not the other way around!

If it’s worked you’ll receive a plain-text email from Facebook, but don’t keep your fingers crossed, it can take up to a week to arrive. 


Converting your Facebook profile into a Page

You can convert your profile to a page, and when you do, anyone who is a friend will become someone who likes your page. No other content will be migrated.

If there’s content you do want to keep, you can download your data from the Account Settings page:

  1. Click on the down arrow on the very top right of your screen when signed-in on a computer, and click ‘Settings’.
  2. Click General from the left.
  3. At the bottom, click on Download a copy of your Facebook data.
  4. Click Start My Archive
  5. Boom, here comes your data!

When you’re ready to migrate your profile to a page, head here. Again, make sure you are logged-in as your profile. 


Now you just have to decide what type of page you would like.

Photo Credit: Reuver via Compfight cc