On the joy of small software!


By stef

The temptation when you’re building any kind of web application is to brainstorm all of the potential features you’re thinking that users might want. Sharing, log in with Facebook, a way to trigger If This Then That, a box that lets you tweet from inside the app, an RSS feed, and so on.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to say “no” to all of those ideas, and just build the tiniest thing that you can. By designing just the bits that users really want, you might find that you’re able to differentiate what you’re doing from all of the other tools that do everything.

Through limitation comes creativity, and through simplicity comes usability.

“Keep it small” is one of our guiding principles with Attending, so apologies if your feature suggestions don’t suddenly appear in the app. We’re carefully considering everything so we can keep the beautiful simplicity going.

In the end, small software is joyful to build, easy to explain and simple to use.